Our services

To us private banking entails the services we provide if you have significant wealth to invest or complex personal finances requiring the help of specialists. We provide a full range of dedicated services under one roof – and we speak your language.

Do you wish to take an active role in investment decisions? We offer analysis and recommendations to guide you. Do you prefer to delegate the day-to-day management of your investments to us? Our financial experts offer discretionary management with a time horizon and risk level to suit you.

Are you looking for insurance solutions? We have them. And for your every-day finances – leave them in our hands. We take care of all your financial needs to make your life easier. With us, you will quickly learn what real private banking can mean.

The details of our offering may vary from country to country. To find out more, please contact us.

Cross-border solutions

As a person having acquired significant private wealth or an investor interested in international markets, your financial needs might extend beyond your country of residence. Private Banking within SEB draws upon the knowledge, experience and resources of a worldwide network.

Your needs and expectations are the basis for our investment advice. We always aim at achieving the best possible return on investment according to your risk profile. We provide you with:

  • A total, international wealth management concept
  • Multi-lingual private bankers and a team of other experts to ensure that you always get in touch with the right competence
  • Access to specialist advice in international equities, options, bonds and funds
  • Multi-currency investments
  • Flexible multi-currency loans against your portfolio and mortgage loans in certain countries
  • International payment services and a credit card with competitive features attached to your account