SEB Asset Management S.A. (SEB) has implemented a Remuneration policy that is designed to encourage good performance and behavior, and seeks to achieve a balanced risk-taking that goes in line with unitholders' expectations.

In SEB, there is clear distinction between the criteria for setting fixed remuneration (e.g. base pay, pension and other benefits) and variable remuneration (e.g. short- and long-term variable remuneration). The individual total remuneration corresponds to requirements on task complexity, management and functional accountability and is also related to the individual's performance.

SEB provides a sound balance between fixed and variable remuneration and aligns the payout horizon of variable pay with the risk horizon. This implies that certain maximum levels and deferral arrangements apply for different categories of employees.

The remuneration policy is made available to investors, free of charge, at the registered office of SEB.