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Two quantitatively managed equity funds get new portfolio co-manager

Risk information

Past performance is not indicative of future results. The value of fund units/shares can rise as well as fall and you may not get back the amount you invested. Funds with a risk level of 5-7 according to the fund’s key information document (KID) can both decrease and increase significantly in value. Fund information, including the KID, prospectus, and sustainability-related disclosures can be found at www.sebgroup.lu/funds.  

Tom Santamaria Olsson will replace Andreas Johansson in the management of two of SEB Investment Management’s (the fund company) quantitatively managed equity funds, as Andreas Johansson has chosen to leave SEB.

Andreas Johansson has been sharing the lead responsibility for the management of two funds, and Tom Santamaria Olsson will take over the corresponding roles. This means that the lead responsibility for the management of the funds SEB Global Climate Opportunity Fund and SEB Global Equal Opportunity Fund will continue to be shared with Mirella Zetoun, who has previously been the portfolio manager for the funds. Tom Santamaria Olsson is already part of the Quantitative Equities team, which consists of 12 people.
Fund management remains the same with systematic review of substantial amounts of data.

Affected funds:

SEB Fund 1 – SEB Global Climate Opportunity Fund
SEB Global Equal Opportunity Fund

Affected share classes

SEB Global Climate Opportunity Fund  SEB Global Equal Opportunity Fund
C (EUR)    LU0122113094 C (EUR)    LU0036592839
C (SEK)    LU0845783637 C (SEK)    LU2364199914
D (EUR)    LU0845774990 C (USD)    LU1514257044
D (SEK)    LU0845792208 D (EUR)    LU1514256319
IC (EUR)   LU2381136873 D (USD)    LU1514257556
IC (SEK)   LU2381136956 IC (EUR)    LU1514256582
ID (EUR)   LU2381137095 IC (SEK)    LU2364200191
ID (SEK)   LU2381137178 IC (USD)    LU1514257390
UC (EUR)   LU1791748632 ID (EUR)    LU1514256749
  ID (USD)    LU1514257713