Active Trading

Active Trading is SEB Private Banking’s brokerage team for investors who are active in the markets and therefore require a personal broker. The service is designed for private individuals as well as corporate and institutional customers who manage their own portfolios and thus have a need for research-based investment advice and/or professional execution service.

Daily business suggestions

Active Trading’s business suggestions are based on research and recommendations from SEB´s analysts. Active Trading also gets daily market reviews from a number of analyst houses world-wide. This is the basis for their active work with you and the recommendations you receive. Every broker has a limited number of customers and, accordingly, a thorough overview and knowledge of every customer’s position and strategy.

The service includes:

  • A proactive speaking partner for your investments
  • Your own broker with in-depth knowledge in equities, derivatives, fixed income, ETFs, structured products and currencies
  • High availability
  • Relevant and professional research
  • Swift and professional execution
  • Extensive broker network
  • Possibility to have an overview of your account as well as make transactions via our Internet-service


Best execution of your orders

We execute your securities orders with the most favourable overall conditions. We apply a Best Execution Policy and comply with regulatory requirements.  

Your orders are placed with other broker firms in order to provide you with efficient services in all markets. The five brokers with the largest trading volumes in 2016 are:

  • SEB
  • JP Morgan
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Neonet
  • CLSA

Download Best Execution Policy