Internet Service

Our Internet Service gives you a total overview of your accounts with us. It also allows you to make international transfers as well as to buy and sell securities on many different markets. The Internet Service is available from 00:00 – 22:30 CET, seven days a week.

Highest Security

Our Internet Service follows highly secure standards and is accessible via your personal identification device, the so called "Digipass". The Digipass is your key to our Internet Service and allows you to connect to it from most computers, tablets or smart phones.

Your advantages with the Internet Service are:

  • A total overview of your account, portfolio and credit card, including detailed transaction details
  • Equity trading on many different markets (for instance Swedish, Danish, German, US)
  • International payments
  • Currency conversions between your different currency accounts
  • Downloads of your statements and other documents from the bank
  • Access to SEB Private Banking's recommendations and market information